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What Are Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers might look exactly like their counterparts-fresh flowers. The main difference is that preserved flowers can continue looking fresh for a much longer period of time. Preserved flowers might even be able to last for a year with proper care.

How Does Preserved Flowers Lasts For This Long?

While preserved flowers are previously fresh flowers, they were cut as they were beautiful and bright. Subsequently, the fresh flower's proteins, water content, and other pigments in these hitherto were extracted through special chemicals (usually patented and kept as company secrets). After this, the flowers will be rehydrated when they are placed in a mixture of plant elements and glycerine (which are eco-certified).

This blend of glycerine and other elements is used to replace the original sap of flowers to give them shape. At times, color pigments or even essential oils might be added to the flowers to enhance its colours and fragrance.

How To Care For Preserved Flowers?

Although preserved flower's lifespans are far longer than fresh flowers, it is still a flower at the end of the day. They are fragile and delicate in nature. Therefore, it is important to handle them with proper care and attention. Follow this tips to care for your flowers:

  • Do not sprinkle perfume or water onto these flowers. (These substances might damage them)
  • Put the flowers in areas with low moisture and little sunlight.
  • Do not place them under direct sunlight as discoloration might occur.
  • Do not place these flowers in extremely dry environment.
  • Gently blow them with a hairdryer to remove any dust that might have settled.